Business Venture Concept


For Entrepreneurship and Innovation and Technology we had the opportunity to work as a team to conceive a business idea, develop a business plan, and wireframe the solution. Our idea was an online budgeting solution. Rather than simply providing an automatically synced budget or predetermined categories that are in use by the current solutions, our mission was to use the power of the crowd to help with financial decision making.

This would be done by providing average expenditure amounts for budget categories based upon user data. Fincero participants would see like averages based upon such demographic details as geographic location, income level, and household size. Through this, a family of four living in the 15217 zip code with an annual income of $75,000 a year would be able to see what their peers with similar demographics were spending monthly on groceries. Originally conceived as Penny Jar, our business was renamed Fincero.




Business Ideation

Market and Financial Research



Competitive Analysis

Financial Analysis





Eric Ertmann

Bryan Freeland

Maya Kreidieh

Sean Ro

Our business idea was based upon the need I had to be smarter about budgeting after my wife and I bought our first house. I was curious what other families with similar circumstances were spending on items such as groceries or gas that could vary month to month. Based upon this information I would know whether we might want to think on cutting back on the trips to Whole Foods, or whether we were very frugal relative to our peers.

We began the project by creating a business model canvas where items such as our key partners, cost structure, and revenue streams were described. We performed market research and a competitive analysis to see where and how Fincero would fit in the budgeting market, specifically in the online space.

From this we were able to create elevator pitches that were presented to the class along with a customer discovery presentation. Through group meetings, class presentations, and peer and professor feedback we were able to go through several iterations to the business plan. We developed a persona of a young working professional that wanted to do more than just budget. This persona was a data geek that wanted as much information as possible and found managing her finances enjoyable.

Additionally, we developed a wire-framed interactive prototype and shared it at .  In our final presentation we pitched our idea to the class demonstrating sound financials and market knowledge.