Below are a couple of projects that I worked on during the fall semester in Photography at Carnegie Mellon. These projects allowed me to gain further knowledge in composition, color, and image editing. As well, I was learned how to construct a narrative through the still image.


Abandoned Pittsburgh

A typology is a method of classification of artifacts and Bernhard and Hilla Becher are famous for their photographic typologies of industrial buildings. As part of Photography class I took their work and a fascination with my new home of Pittsburgh as inspiration. I searched through sleepy neighborhoods and photographed abandoned buildings, still dignified and majestic, but in need of care. 

Typology II.jpg

The People of Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is the Paris of Appalachia. It’s a city of 90 neighborhoods and 129 surrounding boroughs and townships each with their own distinct look and feel. Pittsburgh is an industrial city that refuses to fall prey to gentrification in the name of progress.

For Photography class I decided to take a medium format film camera and recreate my own FSA Depression-era color photography with Pittsburgh as my companion. Below are a couple of selections from this project.